Among my posts, you’ll see six specific themes:

Memory Mondays: This features recipes that are nostalgic for me. Everyone has certain foods that evoke feelings and memories. This is me sharing mine with you.

Technique Tuesdays: This features a specific cooking technique, tool or food. I know many of my readers are starting their cooking adventures, or baby-stepping to “from-scratch” cooking. These posts are to help in that transition.

World Wednesdays: Sometimes we get in a rut. I love food from all over the world, these posts will share recipes from countries all over the globe.

Famous Fridays: Every once in a while, I’ll remake a recipe from a restaurant or a name-brand dish that you can make in your own home. These are not “official” recipes, but remakes.

Social Saturdays: Everything is more fun with a friend, or a sister. There are thousands of great bloggers and home cooks out there who can share their knowledge with us. These posts will feature interviews or guest bloggers.

Real Food Remakes: Probably my favorite thing to do is take a recipe that is super tasty, but full of processed food and convert it to a real food recipe. There will be plenty of these posts, and I welcome suggestions, if you have a recipe you love, but want remade, just email me!

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