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  1. Hello! I found your basic cream of chicken substitute sauce. I’m so excited. Lots of my favorite family recipies use “cream of soups” which we cannot use anymore due to my son’s allergy to cow’s milk. I can make this recipe with goat’s milk and vegan butter! Hooray! Do you have any suggestions for converting this to cream of mushroom? Also, do you think this could be made in a large batch and frozen so it’s always on had? Thanks so much!!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful! I have been making cream soup substitute for about six years. The basic recipe is very versatile. For cream of mushroom, you can cook the mushrooms in the butter before adding the flour, then use chicken or veggie broth. Yes, you can freeze it…I’ve been planning a post on that, but my life is running away with me… 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. As the summer approaches, are you planning to post about ‘canning?’ Techniques, recipes, ideas, do’s and dont’s….any knowledge you have would be appreciated, as I am hoping to learn to can this summer. My garden plans are big, and I want to have something to show for myself in the fall, with beautifully preserved home grown “eats” in my cupboard.

    • I have been wanting to can for years, but we don’t have big gardens much here where I live in the desert. I grew up helping my mom can, and still remember the rows of canned peaches and green beans. I did my first solo canning last month: dill pickles. They are fabulous. Maybe I’ll post that recipe. I like ’em nice and tart. In regards to other canning, though…I’m not a good authority.

  3. Hi! I was just wondering about using real milk or cream in the crock pot. Instead of adding coconut milk (not a staple in our house), could I use real milk? And then just add the corn starch mixture at the end?

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