You know you’re a slacker when…

I know, I know. AUGUST!!! Seriously? That was my last post? The fact that I haven’t posted in so long haunts me. I have a good reason, really. I’m in school. Yeah, well…I was in school when I started this blog. But, somehow, being a wife and mother of four young children and in school full-time and having a food blog wasn’t enough…I had to start a business, too. Yes, I am insane. I planned to wait until after graduation (in TWO WEEKS…WOO-HOO!!) to start my business, but I wanted the holiday sales. Needless to say, my business has been humming, I am busier than I’d like to be, but being grateful for the income and the success so far. I hesitate to post the business here, since it is only local at the moment, but here it is: rebelrolls. Of COURSE it’s food-related.

This week I have two orders and a holiday fair I’m selling at, so I’ll be making about 14 dozen rolls this week…plus school work and a final. Wish me luck! When I can breathe again, I have some awesome recipes to post. Thanks for being awesome and still reading this blog. A special shout-out to a facebook fan, Erica, for calling me out and making sure I was still alive.

5 thoughts on “You know you’re a slacker when…

  1. I’ve only just discovered your blog, lovely recipes. I hope you come back! I can see why you would be busy though…your rolls look delicious!!

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