Screen-Free Week

I know you’ll miss me. I’ll miss you, too. But, screen-free week is an important time to attempt to break my internet addiction and spend time going to the library, playing dolls with my little girl, and maybe, just maybe, tackle the huge pile of winter clothes that I pulled out of everyone’s drawers this last week when 100 degree weather hit that is now living in the middle of my bedroom floor.

Don’t worry, there are great things to come: I’ll be back on May 4th to post at least one amazing Cinco de Mayo recipe…maybe two, maybe three…we’ll see. Plus, amazing snacks, like cheese filled soft baked pretzel bites! I just made them today while I was playing in the kitchen. Dang, they were good. I’ll post that recipe when I come back. Meanwhile…turn off your computer! Go cook with your kids, or write a love letter to your spouse, or a thank you card for your 4th grade teacher. Life is good…go live a little bit!

Have a great week!

One thought on “Screen-Free Week

  1. I love this! Good for you. I’m heading on a little vacay for a week and I’ve decided to leave the laptop at home. Viva la Screen-Free week! …I am looking forward to that cheesy soft baked pretzel bites recipe though 🙂

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