“From Scratch” Myths

I know, I know. The words “from scratch” makes you feel queasy. Maybe it even fills you with fear. Flashbacks of the first time you cooked for your boyfriend and the fire department was called starts flying through your head. It’s okay. I understand. Take.Deep.Breaths. You can do this. Put down that cookie you bought from the store that tastes like preservatives wrapped in cardboard. There’s a better world out there. I promise. First, let’s smash apart some of the walls standing between you and scratch cooking.

Top “Cooking from Scratch” Myths

Myth #1: I don’t have the time.

Our society is all about time, isn’t it? In fact, we are so busy we can’t even take 2 minutes to melt chocolate chips in the microwave, which is why Nestle just came out with PRE-MELTED CHOCOLATE for heaven’s sake. In this world of “30-minute” meals and condensed soups…who has time to cook from scratch?

Scratch cooking does not have to take a long time. Sometimes it does, but not always. For instance, Kraft recently came out with “homestyle macaroni and cheese”…I got it once. I had a coupon for a free one. In the time it took me to prepare it, I could have made homemade mac n cheese with REAL ingredients. If you’re a working parent and don’t have much time, you can still cook from scratch. Many recipes here take 30 minutes or less. You can get creative and prep and freeze on the weekend, you can utilize your slow cooker. I’m saying, there are options for you, regardless of how much time you have, and the idea that “from scratch” means “takes more time” is false.

Myth#2: It’s too hard.

Everything in life has a learning curve. Parenting is hard, and yet you still have a couple of diapered wonders running around (okay, maybe you don’t…but you get the point). Cooking from scratch takes some practice, it’s true. But, it’s not ‘hard’. Maybe some aspects of cooking will be a little more challenging for you, some will come easily. I remember the first three times I made cinnamon rolls. They turned out like hockey pucks each time. I swore I would never attempt bread recipes again. Then, one day, I REALLY wanted homemade cinnamon rolls. I thought “people make these all of the time, and they’re awesome, I can do it, too!” I did. They were pretty good. Each time I made them they became better. Now, my cinnamon rolls pretty much rock.

Part of what makes cooking hard is when you get a poorly written recipe. Thanks to an influx of amateur cooks (like myself), there are two poorly written recipes for every well-written one on the internet. If you haven’t grown up cooking, some instructions will leave you scratching your head, and some will be left out altogether, because the writer of the recipe makes assumptions about your knowledge. I’ll help you out with that. All of the recipes here will have complete, and sometimes redundant instructions. Some food bloggers give their precious recipes but don’t want to give away their secrets to taking a recipe to the next level. I’m all about giving up secrets. You’ll learn short-cuts, tips and secrets to everything from the best way to mix cookie batter to shortcuts that make the best bread texture.

Myth #3: It doesn’t taste any better than cooking with packaged stuff.

Well, I guess this one is up for debate. That’s all in the palate. Read HERE about training your palate. Then, test it out, make some of the recipes you’ll find here and judge for yourself.

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